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Some questions on australium weapons / unusuals


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I've got about 20 keys pure, and I was wondering a few things about unusuals and australium weapons before I actually get into that type of market. I've seen the other unusual threads but they didnt really provide much of what I was looking for.


I wondering a few things, for example how much do spec and pro ks australium weapons go for over their price? what are some good effects that arent hard to sell? what classes take priority in terms of how easy an unusual of that class is to sell? any other useful info on how to get the best deal possible? Any help would be appreciated.

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Assuming for profit trading


Spec KS Aussies don't usually sell for more at all. (If they do its just a little bit more) And take longer to sell than standard/pro ks.
As far as pro ks aussies, sheen and effect matter. Hypno beam will sell for less, whereas if you get a good combo like Team Shine + Tornado/Fire Horns, those will often sell for more (you can ask for market price, and sell very quickly, or ask for a little more, and sell semi-quickly, or ask for a lot more and take a while to sell).
Don't put too much value on a pro ks item though. Check out the quickbuyers price for it and buy at that price or slightly higher.


I would check classifieds for pro ks aussies before you buy as well. Ex: http://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Professional%20Killstreak%20Australium%20Rocket%20Launcher/Tradable/Craftable/0

If you need to check for other items, change "Rocket Launcher" to the exact name (case sensitive) of the item, and you can pull it up that way.


Soldier sells pretty easy. The only class I've had a big problem with is heavy unusuals.
Generally 1st/2nd gen effects sell the best, but there are some exceptions (ex: flies is meh to sell).

If you're buying in full pure, ask for a discount. Sell slightly higher than you bought it for, and flip it quickly.

Protip: Buy a hat you wouldn't mind wearing, (If you can get it for cheap) so even if it takes a bit longer than usual, you have a decent hat to wear.

Never on your trades for low tier hats say anything like "I won't mind keeping this forever, only the best of offers" because at the price point for low tiers, if you ask for an insane amount, there's many many many many alternatives, and i guarantee you, that will send any serious buyer away.



Don't be afraid to take item overpay, but make sure if you do, that the items you'd get aren't some overpriced cancer. (ask for quite a bit more if the offer is over 70-80% items)

Try to get mixed or full pure though.

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Most australiums are considered pure or if not then it'll usually sell 1 key less than its backpack.tf price.

For unusual trading its best you try buy quick sells for around 75% of its backpack.tf price( only works on unusual worth 10-20 keys) and sell them for 80% of its backpack.tf price and list it as a quick sell(if you say its a discount there's a big chance people will try to lower its price. Over 20 keys is hard to lower because many people can't vote for that price. Also dont trade for unusual weapons its hard to sell. The general rule of thumb is how often was that unusual sold as it implies the desirability (never be afraid of low tier unusuals as its easy to sell for its full pure price).second rule of thumb how desirable is the hat? Effects and class affects the price of it here's how it goes (all class >multiclass>soldier,scout>pyro,medic, demo,sniper,spy>engineer,heavy.

Thirdly is that hat good looking(this means its general like-ability )

Here are the effects people hate in no specific order.pro tip: the more visible the effect the easier to sell because people where unusual to look good.

Massed flies,purple/green confetti ,bubbling,nuts & bolts,orbiting fire,orbiting planets,aces high,dead president,kill a watt ,terror watt,cauldron bubbles,flaming lantern ,eerie orbiting fire,electrostatic,power surge,memory leak,over clocked ,molten mallard,atomic,subatomic ,electric/magnetic/voltic hat protector,galactic/ancient codex. Last but not least ribo hats are hard to sell. Also go check out TheVirtualEconomist on YouTube to learn more

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