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Steam trading down from 3 million to almost 2 million per day


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Most likely the result of failed trades , exasterpation and frustration. With salty cs:goof players perpetrating ddos attacks on steam for a week straight because they're salty their game has lost a ton of interest because of s%*t players that have to hack... a lot of active traders just gave up. Personally, on my trade server, I haven't seen a reduction in unique visitors much... but the amount of 'trade-server-tryharding' has increased. Guys come on to trade, get frustrated trading isn't working and just stop advertising and game. That and the fact a lot of people, including myself, are really digging the casual and comp modes and are taking to the to 'level-up' their ranks taking up some of their available gaming time. Seeing a lot more action on scm than I used to personally too. Easier to post it and forget it while going off to game. I don't know if that's just a phase I'm going thru because my inventory is at a point where I have pretty close to everything I could ever dream of or want, or what. I will say this tho... the recent recovery of the key value in ref is proof possitive that tf2 is very much alive and well, even when people try to cause disruption in pricing. So there's zero need for alarm :)


just my 2 cents. Still saw over 30,000 visitors to my trade server the last month as usual.

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hm, why is that


Because Valve stopped giving quality updates and made more and more blatant money grabs. The devs are also completely disconnected from the community and don't play the game.

Oh and matchmaking became unplayable too with all the cheaters.

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too many extra steps to trade, device verification, confirmation emails so many different things

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