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Galaxy s7 edge screen problems

Noot ♥

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I have a samsung galaxy s7 edge (black) that I've been using for two months now.

Just earlier today, I was browsing the internet when the screen suddenly flickered and 3 darkish horizontal lines appeared on my screen. I did not drop it for let it come in contact with water.


I have autobrightness off. When I crank the brightness up to max or min, the lines go away, if I adjust the brightness, the width of those lines seem to move as well.

I've tried a full factory reset with no avail. I tried booting it up with safe mode, problem still persists. 


Always on display, booting screen doesn't seem to have this problem, I don't think it's a hardware issue. Other functions seems to work 100% fine. the problem is there with recovery mode


Anyone got a fix to this annoying problem?

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Use odin to re-flash the stock rom

(Essentially like reinstalling windows)

Will need your exact model # to do it

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