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I'm looking to get a bike. Need help finding one?


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So over the past couple of days, I've really wanted to get back into riding my bike. I haven't ridden since I was alot younger so my current one is way too small. I spoke to my mum, and she said she would get me one in a couple weeks. 

I want to ride a hybrid bike, with 6 or 7 gear options. I just do casual riding, no racing or anything, just gonna be riding around the area to get out of the house a bit. I'm 13 so I would like an adults bike, but if possible a smaller adults bike. I don't know much about bikes, but I don't want to spend heaps. 

My budget is around $200-$300. It can be a bit over $300 if needed, but I want to stick in the $200-$300 area. 

NOTES: I live in Sydney, Australia so I want to get a bike from a store near me. Also all these prices are AUD. Leave a link to a website if you find something good. Thanks guys heaps in advance :)


(before you tell me that this shouldn't be on backpack.tf forums, im just seeing what you guys have to say :))

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I think it'd be a much better decision to spend that money on hats.

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Worst reply ever 2016. Get a bike. Idk if Sydney has mountains or anything, but if u can, grab a mountain bike. Don't spend it on hats. Of course, a real life pair of shades will be good. Tho cycling wearing a hat is a bad choice, you'll die of heatstroke

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