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Setting up an upper limit for listing multiple identical items at the same price

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As you may or may not know, the backpack.tf classifieds was flooded with keys @ 19.55 a few days ago by a particular user.

There was literally 25 full pages of identical listings by the same person.


For other users, the only way for them to get any exposure was to undercut those 250 listings. This in turn essentially created a barrier that limits sellers from successfully selling their item, in this particular case, keys.


Please do ask yourself this question, "Do I scroll 25 pages of keys classifieds to find a seller?"


Although 250 keys when compared to the entire supply of keys circulating the market is miniscule, however on bp.tf classifieds, it clogged up the classifieds, and indirectly enhanced the panic selling of keys for the past few days as nobody had a chance to successfully sell their keys unless they undercut each other.


Perhaps it would be beneficial to set an upper limit for a person to listing identical items at the same price. For example, 20 identical classifieds


Furthermore, it has been widely suggested that identical listings should stack up, very much like trade.tf's system.  For example



This could allow people a fair chance to list their items at competitive prices without disrupting other sellers.


Fiskie senpai pl0x notice

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Your arguments are invalid since the lowest sellers are always shown first in the classies, nobody even bothers to go the second page since everyone wants their items as cheap as possible, even if there were sellers at the same price as Spirit and they would be shown on the same page, I would still choose Spirit's since he will definitely deliver faster.


I generally do agree with the idea of stacking classies though, it'd be a neat feature.

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+1 from me, makes it harder for the smaller sellers to get noticed unless they basically sell for below market price. Stacking would be neat as well

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