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Need help developing a TF2 map!


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Hello! I'm a novice to hammer and I'm trying to work on a old mariokart map. (have permission from the creator) 

I spent countless hours playing on some server that had it years ago. Its nothing too special but it holds a lot of memories for me. I plan on making it my trade/fun servers "home" map but, I'm having trouble resizing the minecraft textures to the proper size so they aren't cut off or distorted and with getting custom models to appear in hammer's texture selection menu.


(Screenshots of the map)



  • expand the secret minecraft area
  • remake the DJ room in the minecraft area
  • add a disco room in the main building with pretty lights and color changing floor tiles
  • add my friends disco ball model to the future disco room
  • resize/replace the awkward oversized minecraft textures
  • replace all the outdated memes

If you'd like to assist me with the overall development as well, just say! You would be credited of course and receive free VIP on my server.


Add me on Steam if you'd like to help!

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