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What Is Going On With My iPhone?


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I have an iPhone 5S and I just woke up, the internet nor my data is working, i can get notifications like "You got a snapchat" but when i go onto it it doesn't load and i cant load anything. It was working at like midnight last night but now its not (12 hours later). I have no idea why, the only thing I have different to most people is a Adblock app, where it installs a VPN to block ads (i've had it for months) but i cant uninstall it or anything or turn it off, because to uninstall it i need the internet .... I don't know if thats the problem or not.


Help? I've hard reset my phone, and turned it off for a while and then back on, also closed all my apps and relaunched, and restarted my router. Nothing works


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Never heard of that before, you might want to take it into the Apple Store at this point.

No harry


I fixed it by making it not try to auto connect to the VPN and then restarting it


easy gameeeeeeeeee it was the fucking vpn

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