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can i make a suggestion off these?

Communist Moose

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i had a strange unusual old price

I bought it for the upper range with an unusual + a 1 key rocket

and sold it for upper range in a Aus weapon


so i feel the bottom of the range is not right

do I apply overpay to those items???

does it matter that it was a strange unusual, can that still be used to update the normal unusual price??


edit: if i apply overpay the lower end is right and the higher end is wrong

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If the hat you are talking about has a strangifier in existence, then you can use the strange variant to reprice the non-strange one. 

- Overpay does not have to be applied
- Sales will need to be capped at their buyouts in pure (if applicable)
- Make sure to note if the hats it sold for are clean and recently updated (i.e priced less than 3 months ago). Hats that are duped or outdated will require a mini, which is another sale that recently happened, to show what that hat can currently sell for
- For aussies; if they are specialized or professional killstreak, check the classifieds on those weapons, and take the lowest classified seller do determine the value of the weapons.
- If there are current sellers below your suggested value, or if other sales have happened, other than the two you just mentioned, it is worth checking those out as well, and to include them when needed.

If you have any further questions about this situation, feel free to ask me here or to PM me. If you make the suggestion, I can check it to see if it would be valid.


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