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In what ways can I get more people to my server?

I want to plan a marketing strategy to get a steady amount of people to my upcoming server.


Keep in mind that I am administrator in many groups with a lot of members, so I can work around that.


I just need some ideas, any are appreciated :)

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If your server has a good community on a strong foundation (not to mention good plugins, trading potential and it runs well) it will work well on its own. Just don't be a douche or a thief and you'll be fine.

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No stupid intrusive MOTDs no matter how bloody bad financially you're doing



If you plan to make a trade server,

  • DON'T have trade_plaza, trade_plaza2, trade_plaza_final, trade_plaza_anything or anything even remotely based on trade_plaza as a map
  • DO use !pc and !bp
  • DO NOT use an autokicker
  • DO NOT use those stupid plugins that give team rewards for killstreaks
  • DO use !ks so players can have a killstreak effect

If it's not a trade server

  • DO NOT allow players to play the same map over and over again

I'm probably missing some stuff but that's all i can say

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Do NOT make people use commands with !, make them use / or make so that the command isn't showed in chat for others (avoiding the awful spam of commands that break the chat continuity, I however don't know how that stuff works, I only know an Italian server which makes use of / commands that don't get sent in chat after the execution)


Random crits are actually based on personal tastes. The way it works makes more rewarding for "fragile" classes like sniper, medic and engie, execute a crit with melee, increasing the chances of surviving.

Other than that, I am not a kid raging because a crit rocket insta-killed me, usually that is an hilarious event to laugh at a bit.


The map and the server features should help friendlies be friendly (trade/fun servers only).

That said, areas where they can't be killed or a "friendly mode" may be nice ideas. Sometimes, people just want to hang out with friends or strangers ina weird virtual world, and act silly and funny. And look at that giant hoovy party they are part of, without a newbie looking for easy kills without thinking.


Spawning shouldn't be exactly instant, at least it before that the player should be able to watch their death cam.


Free taunting is always welcome. It's always a lot of fun to pick a taunt you don't have to joke or be part of that mess. However, no free unusuals or skins, a lot of people abuse of that to look rich even if maybe they are free2players.


The map shouldn't be chaotic. If it's a trade server, other than the previous maps indicated to avoid, I would add Minecraft related ones: I love Minecraft, but the TF2 maps with random pixelated textures and buildings are awful.

Again about trade servers or "fun" servers, the map should feature a ton of minigames, easter eggs, places to hang out and such, to provide flexibility on what a player can do (spawncamping for an hour is boring).

If it is a "serious play" map, be sure to not be a complex one (you may even use the ones already in-game), and make use of the new features (like the players overview comp-style at the top of the screen, in this update)

You may even create a map yourself if you feel to.


Also, no halloween or grappling hook features, it's always a pain to mess up with the action slot to get the full experience/advantage.

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