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There Might Be a LOT More Strange Cosmetics On The Way


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Hear me out, I might have started a forum account on here just to post this, but it seems very important.


Take a look at this:



This was from a video of someone unboxing the new Keyless Class Crates. A Strange Dual-Core Devil Doll! Now, Valve might not have meant for most cosmetics to be able to be strange, or they selected a few select cosmetics to be strange. However, I assume that there is a low chance that ANY cosmetic from these crates can be strange! And, since hats can still turn up as unusuals, we might see the rise of some VERY expensive hats, such as strange unusuals with high-tier effects (even low tier could be worth so much more! Now, this is all new stuff in the community, and I might be getting ahead of myself. So far nobody really knows (other than Valve) what items can/cant be strange from this crate and if unusuals can be strange from here as well.


Only time (and unboxing) will tell. Prepare your butts, backpack. There might be a whole bunch of work in the coming days.


EDIT: Youtube Link for "Proof:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlg2JWK-YK8

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Who'd have guessed that a crate that says 'Contents may be Strange' might have strange cosmetics in it?

To be fair though, SOME of the cosmetics already in the crate already had a strange quality. Still a nice addition either way.

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I love this crate series already. Gotta scope out a strange Flapjack, Chronomancer, or Dead of Night

Thanks now i gotta waste money on Strange flapjack fuck me

well chronomancer is 33 bucks so f that

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