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Good songs that have used beats from older songs?


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If you get my title...


I'll start with 2.




COD VS BF (how dumb it may sound as a rap battle, its not half bad at the time.. now with BF1 tho lol) Used "Whats the difference" Dre song Beat (sped it up a little) and referenced in the rap battle "1999, shiiiiit thats almost as old as the song we stole this beat from"


Another is 



"Ronaldo Chop" which is a funny little song that doesn't sound half bad tbh. Its also taken the beat from a Dre song "Still Dre" But it is much more deeper pitched and sometimes unrecognisable, but if you put them side by side you can tell the beat was taken, just a lot deeper.


What yours? I know there a few others. PARODIES DO NOT COUNT. Actual songs themselves.

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Not sure if I want to call the Marseillaise beats though. But it's one of the best anthems out there

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