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Level 100 Neon Annihilator


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Almost literally no one will pay anything extra for levels on weapons. Once upon a time someone might possibly be tricked into paying a couple scrap for it, but not today.


The reason for this is that back in the day when there were only a few hats and no skins, there were fewer options to make your stuff stand out. But today, there are >9,000 different skins, re-skins, stranges, festives, strange festives, vintages, genuines, uncraftables, unusuals, inedibles, and every other quality you can think of for just about everything in the game. With all of those much more visible ways to distinguish yourself, almost no one cares about unique items with "special" levels any more--which means they're in such high supply that there's no reason to pay anything extra.


On the plus side, this means that if YOU think it's cool, you could easily make a level 100 weapon collection--use scrap.tf to buy them for nothing extra. (only thing the site's good for)

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