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Looking for suggestions on a screen recording software

The One

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Gotta record those top notch Overwatch plays 


I'm currently using ShadowPlay. It's pretty good, but it doesn't remove the cursor and I am going to change to an AMD card soon.


I've tried Fraps, Windows 10's built-in Xbox recorder and Camstudio. All had various problems. 


I need the software to record as I'm playing.

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I hear AMD has their own software going for them but most people don't even know it's there. Something to do with the Gaming Evolved client. You can also stream with it.

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OBS is a great program as you can set it up to have a replay buffer that saves the last few seconds of play at the push of a button. Oh yeah, and it's free.

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I like dxtory, although it isn't free. If you get it legitimately, that is.


Edit: Fraps is the only other one I tried, and I really did prefer dxtory.

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