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Equip badges in slot 4

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My first discussion


Hello, I have a suggestion (I don't know if everyone will agree with me) about changing TF2 badges to be equippable on slot 4 rather than slots 1-3. I think that badges should be categorized in their own section rather than being a cosmetic. I do see people wear badges, but I don't think it should be considered a cosmetic. For example, I'd like to wear one of my badges, but at the same time still have my soldier set on.


Regular Loadout: http://imgur.com/PfJZ5gy


Badge Loadout: http://imgur.com/8zsCvtQ


Badge and Regular Loadout: http://imgur.com/MosiaTj


I'd really like to have a badge on while maintaining my regular loadout, rather than having to take a cosmetic out just for a small badge. 


This is just my opinion, I'd like to hear your opinion below. 


Thanks for reading!

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No one important enough to change this ever comes on here, Reddit or Facepunch would be a better place for a suggestion like this. That said, this has been suggested many times and Valve obviously knows about it. They probably have their own reasons as to why they don't add it. 

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Try REDDIT m8 or Facepunch 

most good mainstream sites for ideas

this site is for people that want profit 

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