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Unusual weapons spreadsheet


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Is there any way to check prices of unusual weapons like we can do with hats. I want to buy unpriced unu weapon but i dont know how much to offer and cant find spreadsheet to compere to similar weapons. isnt there better way than searching every weap with every exterior and effec manually?

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There aren't any set prices for most (if not all) unusual weapons as of now, although you can search for the item on SCM and look at what it's currently being selled at and how much it has been sold for previously. You could also look on TF2outpost and see if there are any sellers. If there are, check the price, how long the trade has been up, and how many offers they've gotten.


However, one thing to consider before buying that weapon is that trading unusual weapons can take A LOT of time, so if it's not for keeps or at an insanely good price I'd recommend staying away from unusual weapons.

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There may not be that many priced Unusual skins, however that doesn't change the fact that you can still price them on bp.tf and that some have already been priced, but there is no way to check all those prices at once except by going through each skin/wear/effect combo individually. Clearly some sort of spreadsheet for the ones that have been priced is needed.

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