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QUESTION: Buying an unusual that doesn't appear


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Here's the brief:


- BTW I am relatively inexperienced at Trading etc.

- I would like to buy a Nuts and Bolts Timeless Topper

- I want to set up a buy order for one

- There is no page on Backpack.TF for this item (See picture)


- Am I missing something/What can I do?


Please help, I may be missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance.




EDIT: I have found how to create a buy offer, but there is no price guide. So my new question is; how do I create accurate price suggestions on a hat that is barely ever sold? Is there a guide somewhere?

Finally, is this even the right place to be asking these questions?

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The bp.tf userbar at the the top of the screen on the main site has a link to Unusual prices under the "Pricing" button. Every unusual hat that exists will be there. As for creating a suggestion, all you can do if you don't have Premium is to find one that's for sale and wait for it to sell. Premium members are able to see when they were all traded and work out what they sold for from there.


As for a price range, it's the lowest tier effect on a robo hat, so it's unlikely it will be very pricey. I would put a buy order for 8 keys and just wait for someone to see it. If you're desperate to get one, go for 9 keys, but any more than that and you'll probably be throwing away your money. It's all about the waiting game when it comes to unusual hats.



http://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Timeless%20Topper/Tradable/Craftable/31  you're doing something wrong, I dunno what though

It doesn't show up anywhere but the Unusual Pricelist if it has no bp.tf price.

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