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What'd you consider your favorite weapon?


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Stock weapons on Scout

Stock on solly (or direct hit)

Backburner+Flare gun+(depending on your team) back scratcher/axtinguisher on pyro

stock on demo

Stock on sniper, except maybe shiv + razorback/camper

stock on engie / r.ranger in mvm

spy-cicle on spy



Batsaber is the best weapon tho

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Even tho the Crossbow rules, i love the blutsauger. I feel god when a scout or pyro comes to me thinking "oh, a helpless medic, easy kill" and i kill him.

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As primary - idc, anything but overdose tho.

As secondary - Quickfix, even before 25% overheal buff. Unless your patient thinks that 108 hp\s = invulnerability , and hugs enemy heavy.

As melee - Amputator, but situations rarely me allow to use it.


idc about other classes much.

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I don't always play medic, but when I do I prefer the kritzkrieg because there's nothing more satisfying than seeing an entire team stop and turn in fear right before the crit rockets reduce them to a red mist.

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Scout: Pan and stock Scattergun.

Engi: Stock Wrench, Southern Hospitality (best on pub with horde of sphee on other team), Gunslinger + Shotgun on KOTH.

Medic: All Medi guns except Vaccinator. Ubersaw crit like a god xD

Spy: Stock, maybe Diamondback

Demo: Stock. With pan

Heavy: Stock, sandvich (what else, srsl the guy is god damn poor on wep choices)

Pyro: Stock, shotgun/scotch shot, that mail box thingy because I like that kill icon.

Sniper: never play him

Soldier: play a bit, not enough to tell yet

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Seconding Blutsauger.  It's a weapon which just feels rewarding to use.  Plus mine has some nostalgia value, being one of the earliest to drop in the game.  

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