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Another should i take this offer kek.


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I got offert 57 keys pure+ my green fetti mining light (worth 37, clean, sellers at 37-40, bought it for only 24 keys pure) for vivid rack (clean, worth 90 but every1 is selling for 115-120).  http://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Exquisite%20Rack/Tradable/Craftable/16. I think this hat is underpriced but i really dont know cuz im paying alot. I asked like 4-5 traders and they have mixed opinions about the offer.

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1: The current sellers, Are they getting offers? and if any, are they around the B/o?

2: Have you gotten any offers as of late on your item that stand out to you besides this one?

3: is his hat duped? is yours duped?

4: How long have they had it for and how long have you had your hat.

5: what did they buy it for/what did you buy it for (which you already stated 24) 


If its getting offers, its clean, and if he's had it only for a little while id take it.


or you could always just say "I wanna wait a little bit" and then wait a week or so and see if hes gotten any newer offers that seem decent to take and make your decision.


and if he sells it before you can make the deal. you still got a pretty good amount of pure and a hat you got a good deal on.

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wait... are you adding for a trade?


if so dont


hes the one that should be adding


I'm guessing you've misunderstood the trade.  He should absolutely add to a fetti mining light for a vivid rack. 


@TS: I've owned a couple of vivid racks in the past (been quite a while though).  It's been so long that I won't comment on the accuracy of the price, but just ask yourself this:  You paid 24 keys for the light and you're adding another 57, so that's 81 keys in total.  Do you think it's worth it to buy a vivid rack for 81 keys?  I really don't know the answer to that, but this is what you should be asking yourself.  

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