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australiums tanking in value


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Reasons they are dropping:


1. Steam summer sale starts on 23rd, so most people are panic-selling their items on the market to buy games during the sale.


2. Australiums have a steadily increasing supply.


3. Australiums aren't as hyped up anymore, now that there are unusuals skins and such.

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why are australliums dropping? will they go back up? thoughts?

Well, the guy b4 me was right about reasons. I think they will rapidly lose their value during the sale cuz known reason but the price after it will start raising again (it will raise but it wont be as high as today). Today is the whole tf2 economy we have deflation (means that prices of the majorty of items is falling down) reason for that is there are some items today (aussies too) then players coming (count players as demand cuz they spend their money into the game). So prices will shrunk rapidly during the sale after it will raise but in the end of days they wont be that expensive as now.
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