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Allow Change Default in Suggestions from Ref to Keys


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We have all come across it.

A new suggestion for a keyed item priced in ref.


Whether new to suggestions or a veteran we have all seen it and most of us have done it.


I had 2 thoughts on the matter;


1: Add an option in the user settings to change the default from ref to keys if you create unusual suggestions more than unique suggestions




2: Add a warning pop-up box upon clicking create suggestion that warns you that you are about to price in ref/keys to give you one final chance in case of it being an error you missed.


Seems a shame that something so small has gone so long without having a small but necessary fix.

To have something minor when all the rest of the suggestion was fine, hold you back and make you close and effects your overall succession percentage of suggestions/voting from your profile. Bit daft that we cant find a method to resolve.


Also would help out new suggestors who make the mistake, get a bunch of downvotes, end up with -5 on rep points and cant resuggest for 5 days so their suggestion ends up getting sniped.

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unpriced unusuals should automatically default to keys without any preferences


That would be even better, however I dont know anything about coding for the website so I figured its simpler to add a feature (like the pop up box or a settings tab) rather than rework the system to differentiate between unusual items and non unusual items

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