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New Bad Rats Game Announced

A Cyan Stone in Mustard

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LOL it comes BAck

The game that I rarely see and the first one was kinda shit let's see this one. The cover has a mafia mouse seems like a new mafia game

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I think they are aware of the state of their first game by saying "prepare to gifting yourself" and "A real and original successor to the acclaimed (and hated) Bad Rats: the rats' revenge"


Hell, they even posted in the description the reggae lyrics from the video, they clearly don't give a fuck anymore  :lol:

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After reading what I'm fairly certain is the only serious review out of 67 (shockingly, it was a very negative review), it seems like this game is pretty much the same as the first game or even worse. The sad thing is, it will make money and probably fund another sequel. The game is 4 dollars right now, and 88 percent of the reviews are positive (they're all joke reviews as far as I can see). Even ignoring that theres a much simpler reason why this game will make money. Why? The creators had to know their game is basically a meme by now, and that's the only reason people buy it; to gift to their friends en masses. So why not up the price and have them gift a shitty sequel to their friends? It's really a genius business strategy by whoever coughed this hairball up and called it a game, if you think about it.

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