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New Indie Games.

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This is a list of indie games that are in a kickstarter project. This is meant to help share this new games to the public and get their publicity and funding (you do NOT have to give money as donations).

These lists are not gathered by genre or overall scores, rather by my interest.


Imagine Nations:

A game that mixes the graphics of cube world and minecraft with game mechanics that resembles civilization and simcity. This game is perfect for gamers that like to invest time in their games. So if you want this game atleast donate.



Festival of Magic:

If you have learned about Path of Exile or have played WoW, then this game is perfect for you. A gameplay style not to hard to understand and fun and energetic. It keeps you going. Help them make this happen.



After Reset:

A very Fallout type of game (story wise), this game put you in a very dark but vibrate setting. With a story that keeps you in a very curios mindset, the game will keep you in a mysterious world. They only need downers like you.



The Memory of Eldurim:

Another game similar to the second one, it also resembles Skyrim. An open world with many places to explore and hopefully gives you rewards. This developing game has many promises and it could use some help.



Hope you like the list, and if any improvements is necessary, or another indie game that you think should have gotten in, please write a comment.

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