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Regarding Backpack.tf API


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So I've been thinking for a long time on creating a bot in node


Started working on it recently, and was sorting out how I would program it, which npm packages to use.


I would like to direct attention towards this specific package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/backpacktf#getcurrencieskey-appid-callback


Turns out it required a Backpack.tf API key. That's where I ran into a roadblock. I have no website in mind to register for the API. Regarding this, can anyone direct me to an alternative solution/teach me how to get a key without a website?


Much Appreciated! (First time using Javascript, though was easier to pick up due to past experience in other languages, sorry if I'm being a noob)

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The website link isn't really checked often, I suppose.

You just need to have a purpose for using the API and not doing anything bad with the API e.g making several hundred thousand calls in one minute.

Anyways, just enter in your steam profile link and it should be good. An API key will be provided for you straight away.

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