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Best Chromebook for ¬$200 (USD) ?


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The HP 14 one has a screen 3 inches larger then the other ones. However, that might drain the battery quicker and it's also 1.5 times the weight of the other chromebooks. Unless you really desire a big screen, I'd avoid that one, so I'm gonna rule it out from this comparison.


Between the HP 11 G4 and the Samsung 500C13K, they're very similar but there are a few minute differences. The HP chromebook has 4GB of RAM compared to the Samsung's 2GB, which may come in handy.

Probably the biggest differences is the processors. The HP is using a last-generation Celeron processor. It runs at a higher clock rate than the Samsung. However, the Samsung laptop has a newer 14nm processor. As such, it is almost twice as power-efficient (26 watts vs 45 watts), and while it has a slightly slower clock speed, its performance shouldn't actually be much lower due to improvements between the generations.


The HP chromebook has a 3-cell battery, while the Samsung chromebook has a 2-cell battery. While it may seem that the HP chromebook would last 1.5 times as long, you have to remember that the HP chromebook drains power much faster. So in a real-world test, I think the Samsung would edge out the HP.


If it's down to those two, I'd choose the Samsung chromebook, as it's likely to have a longer battery (newegg claims 11 hours!). However, if you don't care about battery life as much and want raw power out of your Chromebook, I'd go for the HP. But if you wanted raw power, you'd be best off just buying a used windows laptop.

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Check this out:




-520M gpu


-128GB SSD

-14 in screen

for $189.99


This was the best laptop I could find on Newegg. The other laptops you listed have such a small storage capacity and bad processors.

Of course they have small storage capacity and bad processors, they're Chromebooks. In this situation, performance <  battery life, weight, and size


I'm not going to say solved just yet, but thanks for the input. I was looking for more options before doing all of the research and paying attention to specs as much as do yet. Thank you very much though, I'll probably go with the Samsung laptop!

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