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Misty Fez


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talked with the owner today, he proved a few offers. needs to be bumped up

Max + 23 Keys (3.9) (Buds Were 16 Keys At The Time)

http://backpack.tf/id/76561197970977837?time=1381561200134 pure keys + a bud for a burning rubber glove and fez (long history difference i know) buds were 22 keys so ~7.1 buds
7.1-4.4= 2.7 (Outlier)


http://imgur.com/2Kg6jcZ offered nuts brainiac or 66 keys offeree can be found here http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076695758 he has a nuts brainiac, he currently doesnt have keys in his bp, but he has the capablities to get 66 keys

Nuts Brainiac Offer- 4.4 Buds


New Range 3.9-4.4


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