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Asset ID on CSGO weapons on backpack viewer?


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Just wondering, what is the point of including the asset ID when you click "stats" on a weapon in someone's inventory while on csgo.backpack.tf?


For example, my P90 links to https://csgo.backpack.tf/stats/Normal/P90%20%7C%20Death%20by%20Kitty%20(Minimal%20Wear)/Tradable/Craftable/1585744825... but https://csgo.backpack.tf/stats/P90%20%7C%20Death%20by%20Kitty%20(Minimal%20Wear) without the asset ID and all that is pretty much the same page?


Am I missing something, or is that just a small development thing that isn't used at the moment? I don't know how many hits and attention the CSGO backpack viewer gets (sadly probably not as much as TF2's, so sadly not as good of a dataset...), but I like it, and this has always confused me a bit. Thanks!

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