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Hey guys, I just want to say that I am taking requests for banners or profile avatars or any kind of related picture your heart desires. I do charge a little for each, tf2 items of course. The price depends on the work I am doing, but the mean price will typically be five refined metal at the most, I take items. Now I am primarily a photoshopper, meaning I am bad at drawing but great at combining and editing pictures, so I can cater to most requests besides anime pretty much. Thanks!! Ill attach one of my works that I've already done. P.S. I can only upload one because of the maximum attachment size. They're my least favorites. I only put this bc itse the ones I care least about being stolen.


For the buying part, I plan to use a middle man. They will have both the link to the picture and the payment, and will distribute them accordingly. I will first give him the picture with a watermark on it just so you can see that I have completed it, and once I recieve the payment, I will send the unwatermarked link. :)




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