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What happened on Sunday 24th January 2016?

๖ۣۜPanda ♥

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I was looking into some weapons and noticed that every weapon (that I have checked) has a drop in amount around that date, even the stock unique rocket launcher. I was just curious as to why, my guess is a mass ban or cleanup or something? Anything is appreciated really.




are the two I noticed it on, but I have checked more and they all seem to have it.


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Not entirely sure but I believe it's when Stats.tf got a refresh and made sure to fix errors in its whole database of items that have been recorded.

Edit: Looks like it was - History Update: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/meetthestats#announcements/detail/988906472315598415

Oh, thought it would be a more exciting reason haha. Thanks for clearing it up though

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