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Who Chargeback via paypal..?

† Lily †

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Hi, Im marked in SteamRep : http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198191367877

I did not chargeback. - Lily / Safal
My account was hacked and the "hacker" chargebacked all the people.. Nearly £1.1k 
Its not all of TF2/Steam... I had £5k in paypal probably more in bank.. But the hacker took all of my money.. So i am pissed more then the people who got chargeback again by not me.. But thanks for paypal i got my money back... but then i got steammarked when i didnt even get the chance to say anything.. so thats why i am not going to pay back.. trust me i was going to pay the people back.. but  you can steammark me i dont care but im just saying sometimes you should wait for someone to get back from vacation i dont care if i get banned.. Steam is not the only thing i play and i dont know why steamrep banned my old account aswell ... you can ban that the account had trade ban for a while anyway so no point you fucking assholes.. So again make sure you wait for a few days so the "person" can explain fucking retards.. I have alot of alts good luck finding them out cunt so if the people read this who got chargeback you should thank them for not getting your money back x) plus all the rep's i have been given i give no fucking shit i have another account i can buy keys from that its not a big deal... And the comments i been given i have deleted them because i dont give a shit if you did because it wasnt me as that you already know i would not chargeback because i would know what will happen to my steam account but hey fuck you :) and i dont know if the scammer tag could get remove or not but i dont care you didn't give me enough time to explain thats the reason that fucking pissed me off i was in vacation i dont know who made my account private i just came back home 2 days ago and I'm not gonna reply to everyone who if comments here or not because i give no fucks thanks - Lily
Might be wrong thread but dont give a fuck got a short version my in steam account
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we're not steamrep, why are you cursing at us?  you're calling backpack.tf users "retards" when you get marked on steamrep because of a fortress of gamers report?  bravo sir. 


edit:  rip ninja'ed


backpacktf can do nothing for you, and I doubt anyone would want to after all the shit you just said

and finding alts doesn't seem to be too hard for most sites

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