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API to remove listings


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I maintain a bot which buys and sells items automatically if the prices offered match its listings. Backpack.tf automatically removes sell listings once the item is sold. But the buy listings persist and I have to reject some offers because I am no longer buying the item. So, is there a way to remove buy listings related to a specific item?




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If you run out of the pure you're offering on your buy order, the buy order will manually close itself until you have the pure again.
Say, you had a buy order for an Australium Wrench at 23 Keys, and you end up with 20 Keys on your next refresh, it'll get removed.

Other than that, your only other option is to do it manually.

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There is a RESTful Classifieds interface in the works designed to supersede all related APIs that exist (fetching listings, Automatic pulsing, etc) including new APIs that expose a search interface. In other words, something like this:


GET /api/classifieds/v1/_search (same parameters as regular classifieds web client search)

POST /api/classifieds/v1/_pulse (supersedes the Automatic heartbeat, lets everyone know you're "alive", bumps all listings, etc)

PUT /api/classifieds/v1/listing (item body or item id depending on intent, sell order or buy order)

GET /api/classifieds/v1/listing/{id} 

DELETE /api/classifieds/v1/listing/{id}




What is currently stopping me from releasing this is 1) I'm busy doing other things (including fixing the multitude of bugs caused by swapping out the custom backend for something that made doing this easier) and 2) this is going to require a better approach compared to how we currently do API auth. We already have two different kinds of auth token; one for the classic APIs (IGet* et al) and one for Automatic. I'd rather consolidate this and remove one of these, but we still have legacy APIs to support and people are still using very old and undocumented ones. If we add APIs that allow someone to manipulate instead of fetch, we need to make sure those users are aware of the security risks to not post secret keys everywhere and let others make listings under their name.


I would like to see the possibility of decent third-party clients for the classifieds being made, akin to how Twitter has several third-party clients (although negligence on Twitter's part has killed a lot of them).


When this is all done in a way I like, we'll be releasing a set of modern APIs designed around what I've learned. IGetPrices will re-manifest itself designed around searching and keeping a cursor of prices instead of downloading all of them at once, etc.

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