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Fake steam authentificator group


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Just received an invite to this group, its only admin has a private profile and 2 VAC bans on record.


So yeah, uhm

You know

Totally legit right ?


Just posting here since, welp, I don't know their intentions.





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What is fake about the group? It's just, as it says, a group for people with Steam authenticator. The link is legit, the info provided in the description is accurate. I'm not sure what problem you have with it you would justify reporting them.

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seems like a very pointless group.

doesn't look malicious at the moment, but that could very well change if more people join it.

Would be incredibly easy for someone to post an announcement saying :


"Steam mobile authenticator has been compromised. Please reply with your username and password to the Mobile Authenticator account so that we can verify they match with what we have on file to ensure your account has not been hijacked."


I so so so so so eagerly await this exact thing happening and people to post about it in these forums saying they "got hacked".

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