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WARNING: TF2 Scammer Alert!

Long Live Alex

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Hi all,


I am going to write about a very dangerous impersonator and scammer in the TF2 community and it would mean alot to me if you could read this entire article, spread it to your friends and upvote it, as it took me nearly an hour to write and gather evidence! As the scammer shares a username with another user, I will always refer to the scammer as (FAKE) and the Steam user his impersonating (REAL). It would benefit the TF2 community if  we could put an end to this guy. Thanks and enjoy the read!


When I woke up today and hoped on to the good old Steam, I noticed I had a friend request. The person who had sent me the friend requests username was"Strife QS> Unus $" (FAKE).


At first, I didn't know who the user "Strife" was, and took him to be a regular TF2 user. I accept his friend request, and he then messages me asking for my Steaming Defiant Spartan. I said sure, but he then requests to pay me in Steam Gift Cards and I was very timid. I asked him he would be going first as this trade could easily be a scam, in which he said that I (Long Live Alex) have to be going first. He then gave me his backpack.tf profile (supposedly), and the one he supplied to me was: https://backpack.tf/u/76561197972383519


I quickly looked over it and saw it had 750 positive reviews and 0 negative reviews, and I didn't really go any further in investigating it. I contact Strife (FAKE) back and then enquired and said I would like to know how much he will be willing to offer for my Steaming Defiant Spartan (I was asking for 14 keys pure at the time) in which he said "$35 dollar steam gift card". I immediately knew it was a scam. As steam DO NOT sell $35 gift cards and you can only redeem Steam Gift cards once (meaning he couldnt have redeemed a certain amount to only have $35 left on it). 


I then looked at his Steam profile (FAKE)http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198250551206/


Now, remember he had 750 rep on the backpack.tf profile he gave to me, I then found some things which were quiet interesting:

  • He has 0 comments on his profile
  • Only has 42 friends
  • His backpack is private
  • He only has 88 hours on TF2


I then went again and looked at the backpack.tf profile he gave to me. I clicked on the Steam profile on, and that person was named "Strife QS> Unus $" aswell. They both had the exact username, real life birth name, profile picture and description.  I had then realized that the Strife I was speaking to, (FAKE) was impersonating the other Strife (REAL).


 Strife's (REAL) profile is this: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lifewithstrife/


This profile looked more legitimate then the other, and some examples will be listed down below:

  • Steam level: 111
  • He has been on steam for 11 year (11 years of service)
  • Has 400+ friends on his friends list
  • Has 2000+ pages of comments
  • Has 6,740 hours on TF2
  • Is the Admin of his own group "Strife's mob" which has 13,000+ members
  • Has his Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Backpack.tf page linked


I then clicked on Strife's (REAL) Youtube channel, and saw it had 60,000+ subscribers, meaning this guy was a trusted and well known member of the community. He also is very wealthy in the game, and highly active in the TF2 trading community.


Now back to the other Strife (FAKE). This guy add's people who have got Unusuals, Australiums or any other valuable items on backpack.tf and offers them either Steam Gift Cards or Paypal. So beware all those who list valuable items on backpack.tf!


I then went on Strife (FAKE) backpack.tf profile: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198250551206


He is currently banned from the entire backpack.tf site. I then went and checked his backpack, in which he mainly had junk/ weapons with there being no cosmetics. However there was an usual there (at the time I checked).

It was an Unusual Blizzardy Storm Doctors Sack (13 keys): http://backpack.tf/item/1393173002


I contacted the previous owner, and he had told me that he was trying to trade up to a better medic unusual, but he had been scammed by Strife (FAKE)


I noticed a few hours later (whilst I was writing this thread), that the unusual was gone. But there were no keys or any other valuable items in there. This means that Strife (FAKE) could be an alternate account for someone. This does make sense due to the junk in Strife's (FAKE) backpack,  and also the risk of scamming and impersonating another Steam user (especially one who is an established and successful Youtuber and trader). Another BIG reason is that Strife's (FAKE) "Items for Show" on his Steam profile, he has a Australium Strange KS Tomislav. On Strife's (REAL) profile, a user reports about getting that exact item scammed from Strife (FAKE). The link I am about to show you is the guy commenting that: http://imgur.com/PYQ01tJ  


I am not sure what his Strife's (FAKE) alternate account is , but I am for certain his got one or is getting help from an associate of some sort, due to the high ban risk of scamming


In conclusion, please watch out for this guy! He is a con artist and someone who possess a threat to traders! If you're selling something valuable on backpack.tf there is a chance that this guy could send you a friend request. If he does, decline it as its better to not deal with him! As said before, please show this to people and if you know anyone on Strife's (FAKE) friends list, please notify them to delete him off there friends list. You can also report this user for impersonation (if his name is still Strife at the time of this post), and it will be harder for him not to get VAC banned! Comment down below your thoughts on it all, and down below I have a few screenshots of people telling Strife (REAL) about the other Strife (FAKE) and his doings. Have a good day all, and understand who your'e trading with. And if its too good to be true, its probably not!



EXTRA PROOF THAT HIS A SCAMMER! (There are only a few comments shown here. There are many, many more, but I took a few just for extra proof. These were taken on Strife's (REAL) comments on his profile).


http://imgur.com/zxs0OAo (User 1)


http://imgur.com/7k5wFyT (User 2)


http://imgur.com/PYQ01tJ (User 3 and 4)


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So you're saying we should do background checks when trading with people instead of relying on the links to trust pages that they give us?


Sounds like a great idea!


Upvote from me!

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A lot of text for nothing.


Rally You manually check things like some user's rep, Steamrep page etc. I would never trust the link someone gives me.

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Just copy paste his steam id on bp.tf, or if you have steam inventory helper, you can get his bp.tf profile from his steam profile pretty easily.

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alex i finally found the post you told me about (idk why you wouldn't show me)


anyways, you won't get me VAC banned. VAC bans are for cheaters; I'm not a cheater. Thanks though.

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