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Trade help.


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Meh. I wouldn't. 

Last few trades all involved Paypal, which could possibly mean that people are often just wanting to sell it quick.


One instance of a trade happened here: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198071912636/#!/compare/1460505600/1460851200

Not sure if other party offered money along with the australium sniper rifle.


Another point is that you can easily sell the australium rocket launcher and max head for pure.

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Yeah, I decided to stay clear, the guy started acting wierd. 


2:21 PM - Sir.Lagsalot: you have put it up for sale before right?
2:22 PM - chub: yea i made a trade and got like 100 views in like 1 day
2:22 PM - chub: i closed it for the borker
2:22 PM - Sir.Lagsalot: why would you need a broker if you got 100 views?
2:22 PM - chub: idk i dont really like to sell things
2:22 PM - chub: i always have my friend borker my stuff
2:23 PM - chub: i dont really care to schrool
^^^ First of all the trade is here ( http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28084448) and he got less than 60 views in about a week. 
Also looks like he just plain bought it for an ausy Sniper rifle. ( http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28082420 )
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Yeah, I would have advised you stay away from that trade too.

Aussies and Max's are basically as good as pure these days. If you are willing to trade those off, I'd make it for a hat/effect combo you actually want. =/

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