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Limit Exceeded?


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Wondering what's that "Limit Exceeded" in Automatic bot. It worked fine and suddenly I get something like

54:15 - trade: [u:1:202625318] Everything in offer #1178390196 looks good, ac
54:15 - trade: [u:1:202625318] Offer #1178390196 - Asked: 3.55 metal (Archime
). Offered: 3.55 metal (Refined Metal x3, Scrap Metal x2, Reclaimed Metal).
54:17 - warn: [u:1:202625318] Unable to accept offer #1178390196: LimitExceed
57:03 - verbose: Heartbeat sent to backpack.tf. 1 listing bumped.
What limit is exceeded? Where? Is there a new rule I don't know about?
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