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Collector's Chemistry Sets and item levels

Tasty Salamanders

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So ages ago I saw some people making certain claims regarding Collector's Chemisty Sets, namely that for sets for items with varying levels that there was a relationship between the levels of items added to the set and the level of the item resulting from the set.


This claim would at face value would appear to be completely devoid of evidence at best and completely false at worst. And given the person making the claim at the time was selling a particularly expensive Chem Set for a Love and War weapon with varying levels, so possibly not even a false claim born of ignorance but of deceit.


Still it is a testable claim, so a while back I got a Collector's Flying Guillotine Chemistry Set, and got 200 Flying Guillotines which I have been replacing one by one with level 100 Flying Guillotines. A couple of minutes ago I traded the last one and now I have 200 level 100 Flying Guillotines.


So soon I plan to add all 200 to the set at once and see the result which I am sure will prove the obvious and give me a random level Collector's Flying Guillotine really making the whole thing a waste of time and effort. Of course there is a 1% chance I could actually get a level 100 one but really the main outcome will be a Collector's Flying Guillotine crafted entirely from level 100s.


Watch this space to find out the results.

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I am interested to know the results, may try doing it with one of my cosmetics if it does happen.

price manipulating fuck kys

Are you then going to trade it to your alt and have it priced for 140% of what you think it's worth?

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Crafting complete, it is level 24, like I suspected no connection between levels of input items and output items.


RIP Those level 100 Flying Guillotines that were sacrificed to test this.

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