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Help! Viewmodels screwed up!

Ragg  Resist

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Hi, im not too experienced with console commands and files and such but hopefully someone here can help me.


I watched a demo of someone trying out for my HL team and after watching it I join a server to pug. 


My weapon view models were vanished so i go in console and type r_drawviewmodel 1 then proceed on. 


Then when i hit "q" (My change weapon control), theres a chance my weapon's  view model vanishes. This really annoys me since i prefer having my view models on, then now my view models for weapons randomly turn on and off.


When I type r_drawviewmodel 1 and one of my weapons vanish, i open console and this is what pops up 

'demoman.cfg' not present; not executing.

"r_drawviewmodel" = "0" ( def. "1" )
 client archive
I assume it was a problem after watching the demo since often my settings get funked up after watching them.
Hopefully someone knows how to fix this, and I use a mac but getting to the folders for tf2 and such isn't much different. 
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