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CSGO price list


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Hello! I used search by forum, but can't found topic with answer on my question.
I would like to create a copy of the pricelist all items CS GO every N (5-7) days. Is it possible to find out the prices of all items using API or something else to transfer data from backpack.tf in my database?


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API for SteamMarket Prices in general; you need to also specify the AppID for csgo items (appid=730 for csgo).



API for CSGO items. Only allows you to call 500 times for requests per day, however, can be upgraded if you want up-to-date pricing.

i know about first api, but not sure that i can ask about all items in one request. If you know that it possible - tell me how, please

oh, realy. all i was need - it is open my own link for that API and copy text...

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