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New Phishing Technique?


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Today, I saw a new phishing technique attempt to used on me.

This hacker is pretty witty taking advantage of the Steam glitch that cause people having difficulty add friends.

So, he pretend to be a friend of a potential buyer and send a link for "this potential buyer" account.

I was about to just click his link, but I realize this is against my policy of never clicking link on my main PC without phish checking it first.

You can guest rest of the story. 

Just talking to him disgust me and got me into the mood of scanning my PC for malware with couple different software.


You guys encounter this technique before? First time for me.

Any crazy phishing encounter that you to share?

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This is nothing new currently there are 2 common ways to "phish" someone.


1) Most common method, phishlink

User A types his name/pass to phishers fake website. User B uses the name/pass to log in. User A receives email and supplies his Steam Guard code, again User B uses this code to authenticate.


2) downloading a keylogger (less common)

get the user to download a file which in essence is a key logger (It keeps a log of everything you type...etc) these are the "go download this file to get free hats/unusual" links some users give out.


The latter method is much less common however has detrimental effects if ti works as not only your steam account but your paypal...etc can be taken

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I had a phishier on my outpost trade saying "im gonna offer 24 buds and 16 keys on ur hat (when my B/O is 25, totally not suspicious -.-), add my alt account "www.steamcommurlty.com/something" he got reported by me and banned a few hours later from oupost admins

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hi men)

im want pay 3x ur bo

but im not can add u

pls click me this suspicos link: htp:\\steamonnnnumity.cones


Pretty old stuff, there's not much room for deviation given the nature of the scam.

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I heard something about this guy DDOSing the servers of any phishers he encountered.

gave me a good laugh. 



well that is a very effective way to bring down phishing sites

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