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TF2 Commissions, part 2.

Mr. Copycat

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Profile pictures, wallpapers and simple drawings, all for sale at fair prices!


I'm taking TF2 currency for drawings but it's not limited to this game, you can still ask for another game, comic or movie-related commission. You can check my DeviantArt for all the commissions I've done: http://nicolas-sw.deviantart.com/

Here's the price list:

  1. Sketch (pencil-only, one character)1 ref.
  2. Lineart (ink-only, one character) 3 ref.
  3. Finished! (coloured, with shadows and highlights, simple posing, simple background) 4ref
  4. Finished and moar details (same as option 3, allows more complex posing, normal background) minimum 8 ref.
  5. Wallpapers (like option 4, meant for a wallpaper, complex posing and background) minimum 1 key.

Things to note:

- This price sheet applies to a single character drawing, if you wish to add more than one person, the price will rise accordingly to the complexity of additional characters.

- Remember you can always pay extra for cooler stuff. :D
- Be exact on the payment, I won't accept commissions with a price range that depends on the quality of the drawing.

- Don't ask more than what you're paying for, and in case you do, I'll cut out some details accordingly. Ex: You can't ask for a full detailed drawing if you're paying for a lineart.



From the simplest to the most complex: Simple, Normal, Complex, BIG and, finally, HUGE.




1 - Vortech (Simple) <-- can't trade yet.

2 - Just is Emp (Complex)

3 - Syme (Simple)

4 - Danger (Simple)

5 - Danilol (Simple)

6 - Harry G (Normal)


Total commissions done: 31.



Want a commission? Fill this lil' form, to make things easier for both of us:


- Game/Movie/Comic origin:
- Class:

- Team:
- Level of completion of the work:
- Payment:
- References:
- Pose:
- Background:


* You can either ADD ME or leave a message on this post, whichever you prefer. I'd rather have you added to send you the progress via private message.
* Note that "Class" and "Team" are only needed in the case of a TF2 Art commission.

* If you can't come up with any pose, I will improvise.
* "References" are pictures of the character you want me to draw, usually clear shots from the front, sides and back work perfectly for me.
* A complex "Background" is only allowed if you chose option 4 or 5.
* "Payment" is always the exact amount, and if you're paying extra I will notice it, don't worry.

Here's an example of a TF2 Art Commission! la.gif
o Class: Spy
o Team: RED
o Option chosen: 4, Finished and moar details.
o Payment: 14 ref
o References: http://orig10.deviantart.net/b2b7/f/2015/315/d/8/a_mr_copcat_by_nicolas_sw-d9gdhyw.png
o Pose: Backstabbing a heavy.
o Background: Light and dark red dots all over around!



EDIT 23/04/2016: Added another Question related to changing certain things in drawings.


* When do you usually work?
I'll soon be going to the university, but I'll usually work almost every night and on weekends.


* Can you draw something non-TF2 related? If so, does it raise the price?
Yes and no, it won't raise the price, only the complexity of your request will. Please note that I don't draw furry/anthro (however you wish to call it) nor manga because they're not my style.


* Can I pay you in items?
I prefer pure, like most TF2 traders, but I can consider taking an item, if I really like it.


* Can I pay you after the drawing is done?
No, this is to make sure I'm not spending time on a drawing that I won't get paid for. Unless it's a big request, in which case I'll ask to be paid in parts, so that we both count on each other not trying to scam the other part.


* Can I check the progress of my request?
Sure you can, just send me a private message, I'll upload my progress on my Deviantart page and send you the link to your Steam chat OR send the image via mail, whichever you prefer.


* Why are all your drawings WATERMARKED? Do I, your "commissioneer", get a watermarked version as well? >:/
It's there to prevent stealing, and don't worry, you'll get a WATERMARK-LESS version that I'll send you via e-mail.


* Can I upload the images where I see fit?
You've got the right to do that, since you paid for the drawing, but it'd be better if you gave me credit, in case someone else wants a commission too.


* I don't like "X" thing, can you change it?

Depends on what stage of the drawing I'm currently in, those are: Sketch, Lineart, Basic Colors, Shades, Lighting.

The only stage in which I'll change stuff without question is in SKETCH, I might consider it in Lineart, but not beyond Basic Colors.

You should be sure of what you want when I'm done with sketching.

The only exception I can make is if the drawing itself has an error (say, a wrong perspective, a badly drawn line, you get the idea).


* Can you show me some references for your prices?

Sure thing!


1. Sketch: -no reference available- (Seriously, though, why would you pay for a digital sketch?)


2. Lineart (3 ref):




3. Finished! (4 ref)



4. Finished, and moar details. (8 ref minimum)


Flat price: tf2__d4nilol_s_commission___mr_h__by_nic


+ Extra: tf2__detective_set_s_commission___cold_b


5. Wallpaper (1 key minimum).


Flat price: swtor_commission__vyssy_wallpaper_by_nic


+ Extra: payday_2__boom_s_commission___run_to_the


That's all, have a nice day!

- Mr. Copycat.

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class:me(myself :3)

team:team bella

level of work:finished!


Pose:Me with 2 arms(not 6 just a costume you baby)holding tea on one hand and a donut on another.The little monster cupcake on my lap.I will have a cute MENACING face :3

background:lots of spider webs and baby spiders with cute pink bows :3

Payment:4 ref



thank you kitty :3

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we've chatted already


- Game/Movie/Comic origin: My profile picture, tf2

- Class: Cat

- Team: Meowish

- Level of completion of the work: 4

- Payment: 8 or more depending if i want something extra at end xD

- Pose: version 1: happy, version 2: proud

- Background: like this http://img15.deviantart.net/7207/i/2015/277/f/3/tf2__d4nilol_s_commission___mr_h__by_nicolas_sw-d9by66y.jpgbut in darker red like in my currect profile pic
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- Class: Soldier
- Team: RED
- Level of completion of the work: Finished!
- Payment: 4 ref
- References: http://i.imgur.com/kh6iAD5.png

                        (loadout contains: Arkham Cowl, Antarctic Parka, Coldfront Curbstomper)
- Pose: http://i.imgur.com/4Rx1lkG.png
- Background: any background that you find fitting


Extra notes: in the pose picture, the Classified Coif(cosmetic) was hidden, so i hope it won't be hidden in the artwork. :D


Thanks in advance

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finished Cranmore's wallpaper (3 keys), moving onto Bpt17's commission, and if he doesn't answer, I'll pass onto Happy Edits.


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Commission No. 30 complete for Happy Edits: 2 different profile pics (8 ref each, 16 in total). Now onto the next: Bellaboo!

commission___happy_edits__happy_fancy_ca Happy version.

commission___happy_edits__proud_fancy_ca Proud version.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Bella's commission done. IMPORTANT NOTICE: To avoid delaying so much between commissions, I will temporarily "skip" some that, for example, need response from the client for whatever (like an important detail, for example) or because I wasn't paid yet, etc.



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Game/Movie/Comic origin: TF2

- Class: Scout
- Team: Red
- Level of completion of the work: uh
- Payment: uh
- References: wearing a Batters Helmet with Sunbeams, the Dead of Night and the Graybanns, holding the Bat Outta hell as a sceptor
- Pose: Sitting on a throne, wearing a Batters Helmet with Sunbeams, the Dead of Night and the Graybanns, holding the Bat Outta hell as a sceptor
- Background: It says HarryG, Collector King in big red letters over it, and theres some of my other collectors hats (Birdcage, whirly warrior, officers ushanka, buccaneers bicorne) sitting at the foot of the throne
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That's all, have a nice day!

- Mr. Copycat.



haha u took 6 months doing this




But yeah.. lol... i still dont know what to do with this, kind of didnt want u to post it bc someone might steal it, even with the watermark xD


I dont know why i paid 6 keys for this and requested it.. what do i do with my life

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- Game/Movie/Comic origin: TF 2

- Class: Pyro
- Team: doesnt really matter, look below
- Level of completion of the work:
- Payment: 5 keys, tradeable on Saturday, May 28, 2016 (7:00:00) GMT
- References: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/273970070581953935/004A983013AB5150C7D4C02D2E58B711C5A83644/, http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/273970070581953408/E48B634B4441130A574564A573641581108727AB/ , http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/273970070581952979/626FCC2E219595013A606E9AAB48C0A2C07A2D16/
- Pose: i would like sth similar to a pic you already made for serird (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=565944376), BUT my pyro has a little bit different theme, i used a scorching unusual instead of a burning one to create a necro/undead dragon-type pyro. so my idea would be a dragon-type pyro skeleton (that means just add a pair of wings made out of bones), without the sub zero suit im using, which is raising out of a crack in the ground, so the legs can still be in the ground and only the upper body is visible. scorching flames around his head and claws/hands would be nice to create that necro/dark magic feeling
- Background: ground: also kinda similar to the pic for serird, but a more darker ground with green light/sheen/whatever coming out of those cracks in the ground. background: just a clean black background to focus the view on the char

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Hi everyone,  im one of Mr.Copycat's friend, and i just wanted to say that Mr has some troubles with his computer and he took it to the tecnic for a checkout...soo he's going to be without his work medium until this Thursday.. so be patient, he will come back to take your orders :3

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- Game/Movie/Comic origin: Team Fortress 2
- Class: Soldier

- Team: Red
- Level of completion of the work: 3? Maybe 4....
- Payment: Depending how much I like it, but at least the minimum price you put for the option
- Miscs/hats/weps: TC, founding father, mutton chops
- Pose: Can't find the pose i want, but basically him holding the mangler downwards while hes resting his shoulder against it.
- Background: White


Want as a new profile pic so like that size and stuff and yeah. Hope i explained it well enough

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Um hey, i got the refs and ready to trade, i'll just send the offer now


EDIT: didn't notice you said your pc is broken, either way i'll send the trade and you can accept it whenever you want to

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  • 3 weeks later...

- Game/Movie/Comic origin: Team Fortress 2
- Class: Engineer
- Team: RED
- Level of completion of the work: 3 (Finished!)
- Payment: 4 ref
- References: http://loadout.tf/?class=Engineer&id[]=384~0-7&id[]=30377&id[]=30403&id[]=15114&id[]=undefined This allows for a 360° preview.
- Pose: I'm entirely unsure, but I guess the wrench idle animation would be nice.
- Background: Â¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Additional Notes: Profile Picture (I dunno if that actually matters, but I feel it would help)

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Sorry 'bout that. I knew his computer broke down a while ago, but I never realized that commissions were closed now.

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