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Dese ppl tho


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Rage Topic Incoming




Was selling for 10 keys. Talking in mic saying he's "only selling for 7 keys" - as if it's not enough to his standards

He also said that I got butthurt because I said that he's "wasting him time" and "not gonna sell", when i was simply trying to tell him that his time on the server he was trying to sell his backpack on is useless. http://i.imgur.com/44pv4cx.png?1


His actual backpack: 


Gah Gah Gah.


I'm done.

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Nice.  This is why most just post our thoughts here instead of trading.

This section isn't designed for item trading, it's for TF2 discussions. this is TF2. This s a "discussion". iz lojik

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