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New movies/tv shows happening

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I live in an area (Vancouver) where there are tons of movies made. 

Examples include Batman vs. Superman dawn of justice, deadpool, man of steal, godzilla, iZombie, even 50 shades of grey.


Usally when there are movies being made there are arrows showing the location of either tv shows and they are usally under acronyms.


Recently there are 3 new movies being made but it is hard to tell what they are due to the alias that they are under


This movie/tv show is under the alias SOLUTRE




Another one is under the alias of EUCLID

IPI could also be a movie/tv show or another thing like a crew park.



There was another arrow that said UPI. So far I think it stands for Universal pictures international meaning that there might be a movie from universal pictures being filmed here 


It would be awesome to figure out what movies are being filmed here. 


To help some arrows are straight forward. when iZombie was being filmed the arrows just said iZombie.


When Batman vs. Superman was being filmed the arrows said DJUSTICE (D from Dawn and justice)

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Captain Caboose

Hey you think you can find where they film The Flash? Kappa


Also Euclid was a mathematician so, whatevee that gets ya idfk.

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