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I need help making price suggestions


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I have tried to make 3, but all were driven to the dirt due to "insufficient evidence".


From my current understandings, you need the following to change a price of an item:




And what are sales? I've assumed that sales are the same as solds. But if not, do correct me.

I am aware of the guides that have been made by the admins and such, but I would like some interactive help with price suggestions.


Please don't be too harsh, it's my first time be gentle (â—• ͜ʖ◕)

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Alright, let's take your most recent suggestion up for review, in order to help with some tips.




For one, though people may use B/O - buyouts, the hat / item is not worth that much unless someone actually pays that much. This will be counted as a sale, of course. You can't merely just use the buyout like that.


However, as times change, sometimes, if an item that has a lower buyout than the actual price of that, you can just use that to show that this item has been 'unsold' at that price, supporting a decrease in the price. There are some factors that can affect this, such as the trade being bumped poorly or is young (trade has been listed for a couple of hours) and so, you should use your gut feeling to determine whether you should use the buyouts to determine the price.


Furthermore, you can't really use offers from someone, as they can always be altered or retracted whenever. If you have a 110 key unusual and the general public are willing to pay about 50 keys but someone comes along and offers 100, the unusual isn't worth 100 keys unless a trade is actually made.



When decreasing the price of an item, consider using

  • Unsolds [Vital]
  • Buyers
  • Sellers (at lower prices than current) [Vital]
  • Solds (at lower prices than current) [semi-Vital]

When increasing the price of an item, consider using

  • Solds (at a higher price than current) [Vital]
  • Sellers 
  • Buyers (at a higher price than current) [semi-Vital]
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