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Advice on Price + Unusual Combo


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Hello I have 2 questions.


1. I want to sell my Prof Ks. Australium Rocketlauncher with Flames+Team Shine but I am not sure how many keys it is worth. I hope somebody can give me a good price for what I should sell it.


2. I want to ask you if the Sheen Hot Rod fits well with the Unusual effect Cloud 9.


Some help would be appreciated.

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I have owned multiple cloud 9 + hot rod effects (incinerator, fire horns, tornado and singularity) and it's a perfect fit. The eye effect colour has a range depending on the effect but it fits within the spectrum of the pinks in cloud 9 (which goes from bright baby pink to sort of a more dusty pink one depending on the lighting). The sheen itself... depends on the weapon. it looks more purple on dark weapons so it matched circling heart a bit better, but on lighter-coloured weapons it works pretty nicely.


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