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An ability to toggle the visibility of your suggestions on profile

Ty-Foo Kangaroo

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Backpack.tf's main feature is making suggestions on item prices. Everyone can do them, and that means that every suggestion is not good. I, for example, have made bad suggestions and I understand why they are bad.

Bad suggestions can be used as a reference on "What to not do", but I don't like how they are right on my profile. A way to toggle if your submitted suggestions are visible on your profile would be extremely wonderful. That doesn't show others your suggestions (good or bad) right on your profile page and (of course) it doesn't remove them from the site.

I want this feature to be implemented because I'm genuinely embarrassed of some suggestions I made couple years ago when I was a noob at trading. I'm sure others feel that way too.

Summary: A way to toggle if your suggestions are visible on your profile. The suggestions stay on the site (you can find them on the item's page) but they can't be found on a user profile.

Thank you really, really much if you can implement this feature. I'd also like to hear your comments!

- Ty-Foo

EDIT: I found this comment from Fiskie: "I don't think anyone really types a username to find someone's suggestions. Whoever created the suggestion should be irrelevant." And I agree on that. If one wants to find suggestions, then one searches for an item. People who have a clean track record of doing suggestions are able to show their 'skill' while others do not have to.

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