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Help making a bot


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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about making Steam boys and could help me make one.

The bit that I want made us unique, but it's very simple.


I want a bit that will scan a steam group by the group url(which I can change) for members that have (_) restrictions. Then add all the people in the group, wait till friends list is maxed, and send them all a group invite to another group(which I can change). Then rinse and repeat.



A practical example of this is an MvM group that I want tostart where NvM players get together and play some serious MvM to actually get through tours. So j put in tbe link tto a group, it scans for all members with let's say a power canteen, adds them, wait till it's friend's list is at for example 40 friends, invite them to theMvM group, remove them, and repeat.


Of course i will provide an account.


If you have any skill in this or general programming, add me to discuss.

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Your typos literally make this impossible to read

And iirc group invite bots are considered spam under steam TOS

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