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Unusual Suggestion Request


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Is there anybody out there who wants to take a stab at repricing the Miami Night Toy Soldier now that there have been more sales? The sales from my previous suggestion are still valid, but since then there have been two sales for much higher than 30 keys.


I sold mine a few days after I made the suggestion for an Isotope Blitzkrieg Pistol (Field Tested).



And as a mini for the pistol, I quicksold it for 42 keys.



Capped at 37 keys, which was my buyout on my Outpost trade.





And this guy claims to have paid 45 keys for his and has several offers on the hat above the current price.



I would take a stab at this one myself, but I'm sure the range shouldn't be as wide as 27-45 keys and I'm not sure which ones to call the outliers. If one of you experienced Unusual suggestors out there wouldn't mind, I'd love to see this hat repriced!

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It would be best not to try and reprice.


The sales your provided in your accepted suggestion are more valid than the more recent sales.

Unusual weapons are a hyped market and very difficult to determine. The same weapon with a different seller could sell for half the price or double the price it was bought for.

Thats the problem with these things and they are all over the map. At this current time it is better to avoid using them wherever possible and focus on the more stable trades.


In terms of the other sale where an owner claims 45 keys were trade, he would be referring to a 1:1 with his outdated Blizzardy Storm Trophy Belt (43)


Outpost shows a seller unsold for 3 months at 42. Therefore it is unlikely that the belt is priced that highly anymore after 7 months.


The outpopst owner's "C/O's" have no evidence since there are no offers in his comments boxes so it is simply heresay on what has been offered and not enough proof that the hat needs a rise.

If/when he sells the hat, it can be looked at. But for now it is best to leave it as it is.

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