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Unusual Combo Theme/Meme Tiers

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I guess these could be Name Ideas if you get these Unusuals?



  • Anger + Circling Hearts: Bipolarity - Credits to Snowy Pootis
  • Antlers + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Canadian Reindeer
  • Blighted Beak/Grimm Hatte + Flies: Bubonic Plague/Yersinia Pestis - Credits to Tomato for the Grimm
  • Bonk Boy + Kill-a-Watt: The Flash - Credits to Captain Caboose
  • Brainiac + Kill-a-Watt: Einstein
  • Brotherhood of Arms + Circling TF Logo: TF2's Namesake - Credits to RealSeetras
  • Bubble Pipe + Cloudy/Harvest Moon: Spaceman - Credits to RealSeetras
  • Bubble Pipe + Orbiting Planets: Astronaut - Credits to Manfred
  • Buy a Life + Skill Gotten Gains: Money Man
  • Charmer’s Chapeau + Cloud 9: Prince Charming
  • Co-Pilot + Stormy Storm: Turbulence
  • Conga + ‘72: Disco Party
  • Conga + Showstopper: Moves Like Jagger
  • Crone’s Dome + Cauldron Bubbles: Witch’s Cauldron
  • Danger + Dead Presidents/Frostbite: Crystal Meth Riches - Credits to RealSeetras
  • El Jefe + Dead Presidents: The Boss
  • Fro + Smoking: Afroman
  • Fresh Brewed Victory + Holy Grail: Caffeine
  • Hazmat Headcase + Green Energy/Searing Plasma/Vivid Plasma: Chernobyl - Credits to Findiculous
  • Head Warmer + Burning Flames: Roast Beef - Credits to Manfred
  • Head Warmer + Circling Hearts: Heartwarming - Credits to A Delicious Cashew
  • Hong Kong Cone + Steaming: Steamed Rice
  • Law + Roboactive: RoboCop
  • Le Party Phantom + Haunted Ghosts: The Phantom
  • Mask of the Shaman + Cauldron Bubbles/Cloudy Moon: Witchdoctor
  • Mask of the Shaman + It's a Secret to Everybody: Majora's Mask - Credits to Findiculous
  • Milkman + Orbiting Planets: Milky Way - Credits to Manfred
  • Napoleon + Knifestorm: Guillotines
  • Ol' Snaggletooth/Trophy Belt + Massed Flies: Crocodile Dundee - Credits to Manfred
  • Old Man Frost + Blizzardy Storm: Frosty the Snowman
  • Outdoorsman/Winter Woodsman + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Lumberjack/Snowy Winter
  • Peacenik's Ponytail + Circling Peace Sign: Hippie - Credits to Snowy Pootis
  • Pencil Pusher + Nuts: Engineer
  • Reggaelator + Searing Plasma/Smoking: Dank Weed
  • Salty Dog + Stormy Storm: Salty Seas
  • Siberian Facehugger + Blizzardy Storm: Cold Russian - Credits to Snowy Pootis
  • Skullcracker + Screaming Tiger: Screaming Headache
  • Space Mann + Nebula: Galaxy
  • Spook Specs + Haunted Ghosts: Men in Black - Credits to Manfred
  • Sole Mate + Sunbeams: Holy Mackerel - Credits to RealSeetras
  • Team Captain + Burning Flames: Bobsplosion's Hubby
  • Vive la France + Circling Hearts/Cloud 9: French Kiss - Credits to Julia
  • White Russian + Haunted Ghosts: No Russian
  • Ze Goggles + Haunted Ghosts: Ghostbusters - Credits to Manfred


  • Cranium + Kill-a-Watt: Frankenstein
  • Doctor’s Sack + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Ice Bag
  • Demoman Hats + Stormy Storm: Scottish Weather - Credits to Findiculous
  • Headsplitter + Misty Skull: Skull Splitter
  • Infernal Impaler + Hellfire: Satan
  • Killer's Exclusive + Kill-a-Watt: Killa' Exclusive - Credits to Findiculous
  • Smoking Skid Lid + Smoking: Smoking Hot
  • Surgeon’s Stahlhelm + Power Surge: Surge Surge
  • Voodoo Juju + Cauldron Bubbles: Witchdoctor
  • Whirly Warrior + Morning Glory: (Wh)Early Bird
  • Your Worst Nightmare + Skull Effects: Skeleton Nightmares



  • Alien Hats + Abduction = We Are In The Beam
  • Anger + Steaming: Anger/Rage
  • Aviator Assassin + Stormy Storm: Turbulence

  • Big Chief/Chieftain's Challenge + Smoking: Tribal Chief - Credits to WDM Kevin

  • Brigade + Burning Flames: Firefighter

  • Brown Bomber + Blizzardy Storm: Canadian Winters - Credits to WDM Kevin

  • Bubble Pipe + Bubbling: Double Bubble

  • Bubble Pipe + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Snow Globe

  • Cardbeard Cutthroat + Massed Flies: Stinky Pirates

  • Cold Killer + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Cold + Snow

  • Combustible + Burning Flames/Orbiting Fire: Combustion

  • Crone's Dome + Stormy 13th Hour: The Witching Hour - Credits to Findiculous

  • Deep Cover Operator + Smoking: Solid Snake

  • Executioner + Knifestorm: Executioner 2.0 - Credits to Snowy Pootis

  • Fortunate Son + Peace Sign: Private Joker (see Item Wiki)

  • Fruit Shoot + Flies: Rotten Apple

  • Hat of Cards + Aces High: Card Dealer

  • Hotrod + Nuts and Bolts: Mechanic - Credits to WDM Kevin

  • Kiss King + Circling Hearts/Cloud 9: Kiss + Love

  • Noh Mercy + Burning: The Devil - Credits to Vrakos Anthrakir

  • Noir + Cloudy Moon/Smoking: Dusknoir

  • Panama + Smoking: Cigars

  • Polar Pullover + Blizzardy Storm/Frostbite: Polar + Snow

  • Potassium Bonnett + Massed Flies: Rotten Banana

  • Prince Tavish's Crown + Orbiting Planets: King of the Universe - Credits to Manfred

  • Trash Man + Flies: Garbage

  • Vive la France + Knifestorm: Guillotines


As a summary, I made this because I was bored. Why not? Not like I had 3-4 hours of sleep...

Also, I alphabetized the Hats and the Effects if there was more 1 Effect per Hat (such as Blizzardy/Frostbite) because why not?


This was meant to be similar to a Hat/Effect Tier list. I thought of all of these non-bolded Theme Names .-.


Think some should be in a different ranking? Thought of your own Theme/Meme? Find some quite funny? Let me know below.

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Dp veil: paid Assassin

Dp liquidators: paid assassin

Logo boa: the definition of tf2(originally called team fortress: brotherhood of arms)

Flies hive minder: beekeper

Dusk/ glory aviator's: captain spy

Cmoon/harvest bubble pipe: spaceman ----> moon. Self explanatory

Twarp berliner's: From the past

Bonzo conoisseur's: The chef

Scarred Hot Lihtning Rod: McDonald's gun(bcuz battlescarred is bad, like junk food)

Beams nunhood: the prophet

Beam solemate: holy holy mackerel

C9 cosa: the man of war. Love and war.

Beams mining light/ data light: An engineer with bright ideas(read desc of hat)

Dp danger: making the $$$ from crystal meth(see breaking bad)

Frostbite danger: crystal meth(as above)

Aces High Lucky shot: very lucky shot(since cards = gambling)

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headwarmer + blizz = idk

headwarmer + frostbite =  idk

headwarmer + hearts  = heartwarmer

I can make up a theme for any headwarmer though

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Add to your bad pile:


Killer Exclusive + Kill-A-Watt = Kill-A Exclusive

Glasgow Great Helm + Stormy Storm = Typical Scottish Weather


Maybe "meh" or "good" I quite like them:

Wraith Wrap + Harvest Moon/Cauldron Bubbles/Ooze = Lich King

Hazmat Headcase + Searing/Vivid Plasma = Chernobyl/Bio-terrorism

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Wouldn't Green Energy be better for that? 

I suppose. Though the plasmas are more relatable to radiation through real world connotations. More subtle and less in your face

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Headsplitter + knifestorm

Thought of that one, but I'm only doing combinations that exist.

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