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"Suggested Values"

Based Big Boss

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Was wondering if anyone can explain to me why there's sometimes such a huge discrepancy between an item's value as displayed on my backpack page and its Suggested Values when I roll my mouse over it.


Let me show you what I mean. Here's a screenshot of my Texas Tin-Gallon:


Notice how, even though my backpack image says 12.63 refined, the Suggested Values says only 2 refined.


The same thing happened with my Non-Craftable Ninja Cowl (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue) I sold not too long ago. The backpack image said it would be worth 9 or 10 refined (can't quite remember which) yet the Suggested Values said only 2 refined, so I sold it for just that.


Could anyone tell me why?

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Thank-you, that makes sense.


Well now I kinda regret selling that Cowl.

selling painted items for more is generally pretty hard though, just sayin'

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