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GTX 660 vs 750Ti


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So, my friend was replacing his 660 and gave it to me for free

thats fucking amazing by itself, but now he made me a dilemma

Which is better?

Both cards are Gigabyte 2gb vram OC edition, quite a coincidence. Basically this is the most simple question:

GTX 660 vs GTX 750Ti

I'm asking performance wise of course

I don't want a biased answer (just because you own ONE of these cards thats why you choose it)


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"The GTX 750 calculates faster, but the 660 has more channels to work with, so for physX calculations etc, the GTX 750 will outperform, but during Alot of shaders and texture throwing, the 660 will outperform.. The thing is almost every game is more shader and texture intensive. SO 4 out of 5 times the 660 will benchmark higher."


tl;dr? 660

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use an AMD card


660 but you may need to upgrade your PSU.

My psu is 650w, trust me I would ask if I didn't know my stuff

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