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The New Eviction Notice: How Good Is It?



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  1. 1. The Eviction Notice is most similar in usage to the GRU. In light of the bonuses/penalties belonging to each, which is better?

    • Eviction Notice
    • GRU
  2. 2. Has the Eviction Notice been buffed to the point of being a viable weapon?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Turtles

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So, as you may or may not have noticed, the Eviction Notice received some changes recently.


Prior to these changes, the EN was a terrible weapon that was (rightfully) overlooked in favor of seemingly (clearly) better options.


But with the recent changes, has the Eviction Notice joined the ranks of Useful Weapons?

Let's take a look at what it does:




The unimportant junk:
+40% faster firing speed

+Gain a 3-second speed boost on hit

-60% dmg penalty

The important part:
+15% faster move speed on wearer

20% damage vulnerability on wearer


First of all, let's get this out of the way: You're not going to be using your melee a lot as heavy, unless you're using a loadout like the Steak Sandvich + Fists of Steel, or the KGB + Tomislav/Shotgun (very situational/trollerating loadouts, though they can be effective)


Basically, you aren't going to be using this weapon in combat, so the -60% damage penalty means almost nothing. For the same reason, the speed boost on hit won't mean much. The Eviction Notice is going to be used for utility, not for combat. And as such, it's not going to break the game, but it just might provide some good bonuses.


So why is it worth Noticing?


The +15% faster move speed is extremely relevant. This is a passive bonus, which means it kicks in as soon as you switch to the Eviction Notice as your active weapon. As years and years of GRU heavies would suggest, a speed boost is very useful. Fatass Heavy is a slow class, and anything that gets your overweight posterior to the front lines faster when your engineer is back at the first point like an autistic tortoise gets you to the fighting more quickly is very useful.


So, how does it compare to the alternatives?


Well, several of Heavy's melee weapons have distinct niches. The Fists of Steel (my personal favorite, historically) allow you to tank an ungodly amount of damage. The KGB gives you crits on kill, which makes them excellent for wiping the floor with less-skilled players. The Conscientious Objector (my other favorite) allows you to whack your enemies to death with a crudely-drawn penis. The GRU gets you where you're going at top speed, albeit with a severe penalty. The mittens allow you to punch completely oblivious snipers and ubers in the back and force them to taunt. All of them are different, and each have their moments to shine.


So where does the Eviction Notice fit in?

The Eviction Notice is most similar to the GRU in usage--both give speed boosts when active, as well as some penalties.

So let's compare the two:


Move Speed:
-Eviction Notice: +15% move speed

-GRU: +30% move speed


GRU gets you there faster.


Damage taken

-Eviction Notice: 20% damage vulnerability

-GRU: Marked for death (This is bad. Mini-crits do not suffer damage fall-off, so this is at least, and potentially MUCH more, than 35% extra damage)


Eviction Notice gets you there with more health


Lingering penalties:

-Eviction Notice: None. 20% extra damage taken is removed as soon as you switch away

-GRU: Marked for death for 3 seconds after switching. This is a pain in the ass, and partially negates the fact that you got to the fight more quickly, because you have to either hang back for 3+ seconds, or else take a crapton more damage


Eviction Notice wins, obviously


Other annoyances:

-Eviction Notice: Weird hit sound (isn't it?)

-GRU: 50% slower holster speed--so not only are you extremely vulnerable, but it takes you 50% longer to put these damn deathtraps away.


GRU loses


Final thoughts:


Is an extra +15% speed worth the following:

1. While active, upgrade +20% dmg taken to minicrits (35% + no falloff, potentially a lot more)

2. +3 seconds of marked for death after switching

3. 50% slower holster speed


Put insults below.

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tbh if i have it i will use it as a weapon - when i cbf taking out my minigun and want to punch someone repeatedly instead

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No lingering minicrits, but slower move speed. A now-viable side grade to stock GRU.

If you have a teleporter, I'd argue that EN is better, otherwise GRU is king.

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No lingering minicrits, but slower move speed. A now-viable side grade to stock GRU.

If you have a teleporter, I'd argue that EN is better, otherwise GRU is king.

With the slower switch speed, GRU gives you like 3.5 seconds of minicrits from the moment you begin to switch weapons. That means you either have to take minicrits, or take them off 3.5 seconds ahead of time, and be going sloer for the last 3.5 seconds. The EN allows you to keep them on (and keep the speed bonus) for ~3 extra seconds. Plus, if you end up getting ambushed, it's a much bigger problem with the GRU (get more rekt, can't switch fast)

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